Welcome to The Cloud Haired Tsomuka salon!

Tsomuka is a nomadic Mongolian artist who is bringing more diversity to the culturally rich Oakland, Bay Area, CA. Tsomuka believes that we all live a nomadic lifestyle. Everything changes around us and it requires us to be flexible like water.

As an artist, Tsomuka sees hair like a cloud. Clouds change their shape and form as they shift to other locations. They are playful, light, bright but sometimes heavy, dark, and scary. Most importantly they are flexible, powerful and they represent the ever-changing moments in life. Letting go of collected energy is so refreshing and much needed.

So does the hair? Hair as a cloud is our canvas that we can create art each time we pick up our brushes and shears. Depending on the weather and the mood you can choose to have your cloud hair shaped and colored into any shape, form, and color you desire. 

We are modern, inclusive, authentic, progressive, and up to date hair artists, doctors, and therapists who specialize in creative cut and color, customizing the formula just for you using the current technique. We truly enjoy the sparkle in your eyes after!

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to meet you soon!

~ Be flexible as water (cloud), vast as a sky, and grounded like a mountain.


Tsomuka Ebo and

the Tsomuka team. 

  • WOMAN‘s HAIRCUT (tailored to clients' hair types, personal features, and lifestyles. Shampoo & Blow-dry style included.) 75+
  • LONG/THICK HAIRCUT (tailored to clients' hair types, personal features, and lifestyles. Shampoo & Blow-dry style included) 95+
  • MAN's HAIRCUT (sculpted and tailored to suit the client's face shape and features. Scissors-over-comb and razor techniques to create a custom look that grows out in its shape.) 45+
  • ALL OVER COLOR (depending on the length and thickness) 170+
  • ROOT TOUCH UP (depending on the length of the new growth and the thickness) 125+
  • FULL HIGHLIGHT (Traditional foil highlights and/or low lights blend with the natural color to create dimension and help blend gray. Foil highlights start at the root and can be tailored to suit the client's desired end result from barely-there baby lights to a bold definition. Depends on the length, thickness and desired look. Consultation is recommended!) 200+
  • PARTIAL HIGHLIGHT (depending on the length and the thickness) 190+
  • BALAYAGE ( Balayage is a French word that means to sweep or paint; it's a highlighting technique. It has softer, less noticeable regrowth lines than traditional highlights - the principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks. 250+
  • VIRGIN BLEACH & TONE ( By consultation only. This lightening service is for clients who are looking to switch to a one-dimensional blonde or pastel hue. Achieving seamless blondes can be a multi-step process that depends on hair depth, color history, and texture. Please book a consultation to discuss the lightening process. Service price listed is starting price and is subject to change. 250+
  • BLEACH & TONE TOUCH-UP ( Brazillian Bond Builder treatment is highly recommended for all lightening services. Depending on the new growth and thickness of the hair.) 250+
  • TONER & BLOW DRY ( depending on the length and thickness) 125+
  • BRAZILIAN BOND BUILDER TREATMENT (it protects the hair structure during the coloring process and penetrates the cortex of the hair and reattaches bonds broken during color services, reducing damage while improving color retention) & B3 DEMI PERMANENT CONDITIONING TREATMENT (provides instant and long-lasting repair to extremely dry, color treated & very damaged hair. 40+
  • MAKE-UP 150
  • UP-DO 150
  • Keratin Smoothing Treatment